Ardell 8D Lashes 950

S$ 10.90

Take it to the absolute limit with the 8D Lash 950 from Ardell! Instant head-turning lash looks with 8 times the dimension. Get a lash line so fluffy, feathery and full of life with its maxed-out volume and long length. Unbelievably gorgeous texture thanks to the 950’s layers upon layers staggered length lash fibers arranged in a naturally volumizing crisscrossed pattern. Inspired by the intricate craftsmanship of popular lashes, your lash dreams are now coming true.

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Full Volume, Full-Length Falsies: Are you ready for a brand new lash experience? The Ardell 8D Lash 950 gives you full volume and full-length lashes like you’ve never had before! Are you you can handle this? Features staggered length lash fibers for more real-looking and natural results. Full, feathery and fluttery! Get your 8D Lash 950 today and feel the Ardell difference.
Big Beautiful Eyes: Let your eyes shine! Big, beautiful, eyes that express your passion only with Ardell’s 8D Lash 950. These Ardell falsies feature a rounded lash profile, longer in the center, and get flirtatiously shorter into their inner and outer corners. This shape visually opens up your eyes with a gorgeous and seductive effect.
Russian Style Volume: The 8D Lash 950 is inspired by the intricate artistry of Russian Style lashes. These Ardell faux lashes feature ultra-fine, synthetic lash fibers which can be packed more tightly in multiple layers. This means you can go bigger in volume and still enjoy a lightweight lash experience. Get super-soft, fluffy lashes with tremendous dimension and character in an instant!
Seamless and Comfy Invisiband®: Get the closest, most comfortable lash fit you’ve ever had with the Ardell 8D Lash 950! Fitted with patented Invisiband® lash bands, the 8D Lash 950 stays invisible no matter the situation. Feels natural and weightless, you’ll sometimes forget you have falsies on!

*Due to packaging redesign and improvements, these may not reflect exactly the product you receive*

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