Ardell Naked Lashes 424

S$ 9.90

Fluffy and barely there! Ardell Naked Lashes in 424 widens and brightens your eyes without any extra bulk. These gorgeous faux lashes enhance the look of your genuine lash hairs but feel like you’re wearing nothing at all! Adds subtle volume and length without looking too dramatic. Perfect for a casual but stunning daytime look but also ideal for a special night occasion - you will get his attention with every blink!

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Natural-Looking Lashes: Get that “there but not there” look effortlessly. The lashes are expertly made to lift and accent your natural lashes without going overboard. Made of extra soft and genuine-looking fibers to enthey blend seamlessly with your real hairs. Also tailored with thinner and finer tips to create a more natural and spontaneous effect. Compliments both bare-faced and sexy nighttime make-up so you can smoothly change from a casual day look to an elegant glam style!

Feathery and Ultra-Lightweight: Not just your typical everyday lash! These long, lush lashes have a unique lightweight feathery texture that mimics the pattern of natural hairs - you might even forget you're wearing falsies! Their silky-smooth texture will showcase your gorgeous eyes without the awkward hard lash line and lash movements. Looks and feels so genuine, they work just like your second set of natural lashes!

Wider, Rounder Lash Style: These lashes are made perfectly with longer hairs placed in the center and shorter ones done in the inner corners. This style is absolutely perfect for achieving those open eyes even without the color and liner just yet! Easy to wear with its knotted and reliable base, you're to achieve a quick dramatic statement effortlessly!

Seamless Fit, Invisiband: Crafted with soft and flexible strands, the lashes are joined together with a clear, soft, and pliable lash band to make it easier to bend and contour fit with your lash line. An uncluttered lash line needs to do a lot of covering up. For a seamless transition from your lids to your lashes and great especially if you’re going for a no make-up makeup look. Saves you time prepping and more for fun and partying!

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