When the price is too high, it is seen as unreasonable.

When the price is too low, it is considered as dubious.

One difficulty that retailers have to face is finding the perfect balance between cost and quality. When it comes to imported products, customers often wonder about authenticity, especially when it is sold at an online platform and a much lower price. Such distrust comes from a lack of knowledge about the retailers, not to mention negative or non-existent feedbacks from other customers.

Venus Beauty exercises total transparency in our company's operations. You can depend on us to provide great value for money through our streamlined processes.

We have a trusted network of suppliers that allow us to import their products into Singapore by bulk. By doing so, we incur cost savings, which we then pass on to you. We do our best to avoid unnecessary increments in pricing, so we prefer working with international suppliers instead of local ones. Furthermore, you can purchase our products by wholesale. The more products you get from us, the bigger your discount becomes.

Customer feedback, both good and bad, also plays an important role in our company development and value delivery. Regular product and service assessments allow us to identify our strengths for amplifying and our weaknesses for improvement. At the end of the day, our goal is to ensure that you are extremely satisfied with your shopping experience with us.