Ardell Naked Lashes 421

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One of the most raved lashes perfect for beginners or for those looking for a new everyday favorite! Ardell’s Naked Lash in 421 finds the sweet spot for lash length and volume: right in the middle! Features a super soft and comfortable Invisiband® that is woven to match your natural lash. Made with longer fibers in the center to visually brighten and open eyes. It’s the one that lets you feel like wearing nothing but enhances your own natural lashes without making too much effort! The perfect lash mix for anyone who loves the touch of lush lashes!

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Stunning Casual Lashes: Stay on top of your everyday signature lashed look! The fibers are made to let you showcase your dazzling eyes without looking too fake and stiff. Tailored with thinner, finer tips allowing you to feel more spontaneous lash movements no matter which eye makeup you’re going for. Works great on both bare-faced looks and sexy nighttime make-up styles.
Soft, Extra-Lightweight Fibers: Crafted with the softest and most-mink fibers that have the same exact look and feel of your natural lashes. The faux lash hairs blend so effortlessly with your genuine hairs delivering a more natural and spontaneous effect, you can smoothly change from a casual day look to an elegant glam style without the need to change lashes. They're so natural on the eyes, you'll leave everyone guessing if you got faux lashes on!
Brighter and Rounder Style: Get those diva eyes rolling! The lashes are styled where elongated fibers are in the center and shorter ones are fixed on the inner and outer corners. The best lash design if you’re looking for something to emphasize the natural shape of your small eyes making them look bigger and more wide-awake. Creates a more youthful and playful look simply with two simple strips of lashes!
Bendy, Comfy Invisiband: The one when you don't have to do a lot of covering up and fiddling with falsies. These lashes are designed with an invisible, flexible lash band that won't bunch up, leaving you with an elegant seamless transition from your lids to your lashes. Offers a secure hold and can definitely back you up for long hours or even when you need to shed happy tears.

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