Ardell Naked Lashes 420

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Make lash perfection a part of your daily routine with Ardell’s Naked Lash in 420! The strips feature long and airy fibers designed with a rounded, eye-brightening style - you won’t get enough of! Crafted with Ardell’s naked fibers you won’t feel like wearing anything at all! Blends seamlessly and looks so natural on the eyes, you'll leave everyone guessing if you got faux lashes on! From casual to special night occasions these lashes got you covered!

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Short, Crisscross Fibers: Crafted with the lightest and shortest crisscross fibers for the most natural look! carefully tailored with thinner and finer tips to create a more natural and spontaneous effect - not stiff, so you can smoothly change from a casual day look to an elegant glam style without the need to change lashes. They’re so natural on the eyes, no one will guess you have faux lashes on!

Light and Airy Lashes: Crafted from the softest and most-mink fibers. The hairs blend so effortlessly with your own letting you flaunt a natural and spontaneous lashed eye effect! Effortlessly change from a casual day look to an elegant glam style without the need to wear makeup. Also fashioned with a natural curl so no need for layers of mascara making them move more real and smooth!

Bigger and Rounder Lash Style: You got longer fibers on the center of the strips and shorter ones to the inner and outer corners. Specifically designed to accentuate the natural shape of your eyes. The best lash style if you’re looking for something to emphasize the natural shape of your eyes making them look bigger and more doll-like. A more alluring and vivacious look with two simple strips of lashes!

Clear and Trusty Invisiband: Features Ardell’s innovative Naked lash system that gives you a seamless transition from your lids to your lashes. The lightweight, flexible band won’t bunch up and the invisible glue adheres neatly and securely. They're so easy to apply - you'll be ready in minutes! Designed for full and fabulous lashes in no time!

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