Revuele Hydralift Day Cream-Fluid SPF15 50ml

S$ 15.90


Deep Action

Wrinkle filling

instant hydration

hyaluronic acid

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Lifting cream based on pure hyaluronic acid specifically designed for intensive nourishment and rejuvenation of the skin. the product provides instant hydration and lifting of the surface layers of the epidermis, restoration of the water-electrolytic balance of the skin at the cellular level and a significant reduction of wrinkles.

the light texture of the cream is easy to apply, leaves no greasy shine and is an excellent base for make-up. UV-filters complex protects the skin from harmful UV-Rays. Already after the first application the face looks fresh and rested, the cells are recovered and the skin regains elasticity and firmness. Regular daily use of the product contributes to the prolonged effect.

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