Yamamoto Kanpo Young Barley Leaves Aojiru 100% Powder Stick (3gx44s)

S$ 18.90
  • made of 100% young green shoots of barley grass
  • tastes like Matcha, with no characteristic odour and taste.
  • Free from pesticides and additives. Sterilized and pesticide tested.
  • Containing more natural phytonutrients than that of green vegetables
  • Ideal for people who do not eat enough vegetables
  • Colour of product may appear different from images shown on different screens.

    EXPIRE DATE:11/2022

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100% Pure & Natural, Japanese Young Barley Green Grass Juice is taste like Matcha green tea powder with No bitterness! 
-- Also its texture is silky smooth.--

Health benefits: Weight loss, Skin beauty, Anti-aging & Detox Diet drink with Phytonutrient-Rich Multiple Vitamin & Mineral, Chlorophyll, Fiber & SOD Enzyme.
Recommendation: Young barley green grass juice is called AOJIRU in Japan. This Japanese super green drink is very popular among Japanese who want to keep looking younger and improve health condition.

Especially AOJIRU: Young Barley Leaf Powder has lots ofSOD Enzyme & Fiber . It helps you rejuvenate your whole body and make your Skin Beautiful & improve your Skin Condition by detoxifying & cleansing your colon.

In fact people in the show business in Japan prefer to drink Aojiru young barley green leaf powder.
Also it is a great tool to support Healthy Weight Loss by increasing your metabolism.

This super green drink is called ‘AOJIRU ’ in Japan. 

Hot & Cold Water Soluble

Yamamoto Kanpou Barley Grass Powder is Recommended for People who:
- Do not eat enough vegetables.
- Want to drink delicious barley grass juice.
- Want to maintain good health
- Do not like vegetables.
- Want to supplement vegetable intake while on a diet.

 ・ Packaged in convenient, individual pack.

Recommended ways to drink:

- Add to apple juice
- Add to Collagen drink
- Add to soju

1. Empty a pack of AOJIRU powder into a shaker cup.
2. Add 100cc of cold or warm water / soy milk / cow milk to the shaker cup. (Do not use boiling water)
3. Shake until powder has dissolved and transfer to a cup to drink.

Able to drink 1-2 packs a day. 

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