Soraya Lactissima For Active Women 300ml

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Intimate hygiene gel for active women

Thanks to its physiological pH strengthens the protective barrier and reduces the risk of infections; in addition, it contains lactic acid which helps to restore the natural bacterial flora of intimate places, and undecylenate, which inhibits the growth of microorganisms. Thanks to the prebiotic (inulin) it stimulates the growth of the natural bacterial microflora of intimate areas. It provides very gentle wash and care; does not contain soap, SLES or dyes. It contains a hypoallergenic fragrance composition.

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Safety confirmed in tests conducted on active women under the supervision of a gynecologist, dermatologist and allergist.
Product tested on people with sensitive and allergy-prone skin.
Physiological pH, friendly for intimate areas.
Proven efficacy:

Product tested by professional sportswomen.
Ensures the feeling of cleanliness and freshness for 12 hours.
Restores comfort in places at risk of abrasion and micro-injuries.
Neutralizes unpleasant smells.
Alleviates discomfort, itching and burning.
Calms irritations.
It has antibacterial effect and noticeably reduces the number of pathogenic microorganisms causing infections of intimate areas.

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