Shiseido Tsubaki Premium Repair Gold Conditioner 490ml

S$ 11.90

The history reveals that Japanese has been using a tsubaki (Japanese camellia) oil for hair restoration purpose from the ancient period. Shiseido's TSUBAKI series also puts an emphasis on the Japanese camellia oil, and the Tsubaki Premium Repair Conditioner materializes the shiny and smooth finger-combing hair.

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Japanese camellia seed oil, royal jelly extract, and soy bean seed extract hermetically seal the two major hair components: fat and protein with an addition of moisturizing effect. As a result, the beauty ingredients inside your hair will be less likely to decrease.

Floral and fruity aroma providing the users a lush, graceful, and gorgeous feeling.

TSUBAKI's brand concept is "a salon with a 0-second wait": it adopts technology of hair salon treatment which make the chosen beauty ingredients thoroughly penetrate into the core of hair. With TSUBAKI's traditional Japanese hair care approach, you can experience a salon finish at home.

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