Shiseido Prepare Cotton Puff 70s

S$ 3.50

This is a Japanese cotton pad produced by Shiseido. The cotton is enveloped with a silk, resulting in soft, pleasant feel and smooth slippage without leaving bits of fiber on your skin. The silk pad also has greater water retaining capacity and keratin removing effect than cotton-only pads.

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When you wash off your makeup with the cotton pad, you sometimes feel disappointed if it gets fuzzy and/or its texture gets worse with only a few scrubbings. Further, when wiping or patting, it is obviously annoying if the cotton significantly lacks slipperiness. Let us put an end to these disastrous experiences by changing your daily cotton pad.

A large, horizontally long size convenient for multiple applications including toner patting, makeup removal, nail polish wipe-off, etc. Using it as a cotton pack will make your skincare more luxurious.

*Due to packaging redesign and improvements, these may not reflect exactly the product you receive*

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