Naruko Raw Job's Tears Pore Minimizing & Brightening Wash 120ml

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  • gently cleanses the skin
  • removes dead skin cells and excessive oil
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Phytoferulin - The extract of Coptis Chinensis Franch is combined with various concentrated plant extracts, which enhances the skin's defense against external harm, improves the skin and revitalizes the skin from the inside out.

Evermat Pore-refining Factor - The ingredient compound made of leechee extract and oleanolic acid balances oil secretion to effectively control and prevent oily shine. It also cleans and unclogs pores, and tightens the skin.

Ceramide - It locks in water on the cuticle to resolve the problem of drying and peeling, nurses skin and enhances its hydrating capacity.

Raw Job's Tears Extract - This annual or perennial herb has excellent functions of anti-aging, reducing external damage and increasing moisture. It also improves the skin's hydrating ability, comforts and brightens the skin.

Polished Job's Tears Extract - It mainains the skin's even color, enhances the skin's defense.

Amino Acid-based Surfactants - The delicate foams can clean skin softly and prevent it from being dry, which is suitable for sensitive skin.

Ascorbyl Glucoside - With great stability, it is transformed into pure Vitamin C after it is absorbed by the skin, function as an anti-aging and melanin reducing ingredient.

Yeast Complex B Oil Control Factor - The polysaccharide full of yeast extract can hydrate, repair and improve the skin's defense. Vitamin B1 and B6 can also balance oil secretion to effectively control oil. 

Vitamin E Microcapsules - Covered by microcapasule technology, it preserves Vitamin E Acetate effectively, helps in absorption, improves the skin's defense against oxidation and keeps skin moist and bright.

Jojoba Oil - The natural oil extracted from jojoba functions in hydrating and nourishing skin with highly skin-friendly and strong permeability characteristics. 

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