Naruko Tea Tree Purifying Clay Mask & Cleanser in 1 120ml

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  • cleanses and balances oil secretions
  • prevents blemishes and clogged pores
  • defers aging and improves skin's protection barrier
  • calms and comforts the skin
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Cleanses deeply and balances oil. Prevents blemish production. Removes aged and dead cuticles, and prevents pore blockages. Maintains oil and water balance, keeping the skin refreshed.
Prevents aging and improves the skin's defense capacity. Cleans the pores and makes the skin firm. Calms and comforts skin. 

The extract of Coptis Chinensis Franch is combined with 10 concentrated plant extracts certified organic by ECOCERT of France, which enhances the skin's defense against external harm, and revitalizes  the skin from the inside out.

Full of oligose, it can adjust oil secretion, tighten pores, maintain regular cuticle and metabolism and work well with collagen to grant skin plumpness and firmness.

Jojoba Soft Microne
The cuticle-removing microns  extracted from jojoba oil are soft and smooth, without any burden on the skin.

It enhances oil absorption and helps remove aged and dead cuticles.

Indian Phyrynium Captitaum Extract
It functions in refining pores.

Tea Tree Essential Oil
It  can effectively nurse and cleanse the skin. 

Tremella Extract
This natural plant extract is known as the queen of hydration. With rich mucopolysaccharides and hydrating factors, it works effectively in hydrating the skin, helping to create glowing and moist skin with long-lasting nourishment.

Glycolic Acid
The small-molecule fruit acid can stimulate the metabolism of aged and dead cuticles and minimize large pores. It also removes oil and dead cuticles in pores and improves roughness and uneven color, making skin regain softness and smoothness.

It gives the skin a cool and comfortable feeling.

Zinc PCA Oil Control Factor
The ingredients adjusts oil secretion and improves the oily condition of the skin.

Tranexamic Acid
The brightening ingredient functions in removing dullness

Piroctone Olamine
It prevents acnes and blemishes 


No Parabens or related preservatives were added to the product. This product has a mild texture that deeply purifies skin and keeps it healthy without causing and form of environmental pollution.

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