Moist Diane Shampoo 450ml Extra Night Repair

S$ 13.50

organic argan oil x night repair keratin

intensive overnight repair

for damaged, coloured & permed hair

no silicones, sulphates & parabens

extra night repair

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moist diane perfect beauty extra night repair shampoo

organic argan oil x night repair keratin

-intensive overnight hair repair solution- for damaged, coloured or permed hair.

deeply repairs damaged hair caused by chemical treatment overnight

suitable for use in the day.

relaxing floral scent.

gentle deep cleansing

infused with organic argan oil, this shampoo creates luxurious lathering which deeply cleanses and nourishes the scalp without stripping off its natural moisture.

overnight deep repair

contains night repair keratin in a penetrative nano-repair formula that heals cumulative hair damage over night while you sleep. hair feel soft and is visibly restored.

relaxing floral fragrance

the calming blend of florals lingers after washing hair, providing a calming and soothing effect from daily stressors.

no silincones, sulphates & parabens. colour safe

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