Moist Diane Shampoo 450ml Extra Moist & Shine

S$ 13.50

Restore Radiance
Achieve that shimmering, glowing look by healing damage and repairing cuticle breakage

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Give your hair radiance, with high nourishment
UV rays and hair dryers can be a burden on the inside, and creates dry, rough hair. The Platinum Keratin penetrates to concerned areas and revitalizes it by boosting moisture. This process supports surface reflection. It adds a radiant luster to every strand of hair.


Organic Argan Oil
The organic oil penetrates deeply into the hair. Enjoy supple hair with Marula & Coconut Oil!


Platinum Keratin
The Platinum Keratin gives a balance between inner and outer hair. When the surface or inner hair is damaged, it reduces the hair’s reflection of light!

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