Lux Hair Supplement Moisturizer Treatment 450g

S$ 12.50

Formulated with Amino Complex EX, a special blend of 10 kinds of Amino acids. Moisturizer line is infused with Amino Complex EX and "Collagen Amino" to moisturize dry and rough hair
No parabens, no artificial colourants, yet lathers well without the squeaky feel
Lightly scented
Best for rough and dry hair

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Hair Supplement - Rebuild hair from within, 1st amino acid haircare for strong and healthy hair.
Moisture and protein is lost from hair everyday, acclerating damage. Hair Supplement series by LUX is designed specially to replenish any hair type with moisture and amino acid. For strong and healthy hair which radiates with natural shine from within
Rebuild hair from within – no matter your hair type. Focus on what truly matters for hair

*Due to packaging redesign and improvements, these may not reflect exactly the product you receive*

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