ISDG Digest Smoothly Diet Enzyme Premium 120 Tablets

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Vegetable Fermentation Extract + Bifidobacterium

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We developed our own plant enzymes using 232 kinds of raw materials.
Adopted Coleus Forskoli as a reliable bifidus bacterium made by Combi company and support of burning on diet.
I will support daily refreshing with a diet supplement that looked directly at the problem of modern women.

【Internal capacity】 120 grains (2 to 4 grains per day)
[Main ingredient] Combined plant fermented powder, Cholus forskoly extract powder, Bifidobacterium (BR-108)
※ If you are allergic to raw materials and infants, please refrain from drinking. Also, please consult your doctor if you are to be used in conjunction with a person who is restricted in diet or medicine.
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