Friso Gold (Stage 3) Milk Powder 1800g (From 1-3Years) Locknutri

S$ 69.90

Growing up formula

From 1-3years


Prebiotics, DHA, AA, Probiotics, Selenium, Vitamin D


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Made by nature

With novas signature milk from our own farms in the netherlands.

High quality milk through our dairy science expertise.

Made better by science

Locknturi is an advanced process technology that locks in milk protein structe in its natural form.

Important nutrients to support overall growth and development include:

2'-FL , Prebiotics(GOS), DHA

AA, Probiotics, Selenium

Vitamin D, Taurine, Zinc

No added sucrose.

Imported by:

FrieslandCampina (Singapore) Pte Ltd

3 Temasek Avenue

#11-01 Centennial Tower

Singapore 039190

Country of origin: The Netherlands

Manufactured by:

FrieslandCampina Domo De Perk 30, 9411 PZ Beilen, The Netherlands

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