Silly String 50g (Red)

S$ 4.90

Colour of cap indicates colour of contents. Non-flammable

Great for parties !

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Colour of cap indicates colour of contents. Non-flammable

Direction for use: SHake can well before use. For best results and to avoid sticking, store at room temperature for 24hours before use. Spray at a distance of 1.5meters to avoid staining. Avoid hot surfaces ( Especially vinyl upholstery) or an open flame. If clogging occurs take off nozzle and clean with a pin or soak in alcohol. Contents are harmless but not be swallowed.

Do not invert when spraying. Do not spray into eyes or face. Use only as directed and in a ventilated area. Do not spray on painted / polished surfaces, wall, floors, carpet, curtains, clothing, furniture or vinyl as it may stain certain types of surfaces.

Not to be used by children unless supervised by an adult. This is not a toy, always spray in an upright position.

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