Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe 5-889 Intensive Red Violet

S$ 7.50

Smooth red violet colour that is suitable for up to 50% grey hair.

Intense oil-care color with maximized colour intensity.

Rich, luxurious & long-lasting colours.

100% grey coverage. Permanent.

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Permanent colouration with rich oils embedded in an intensive & nourishing colour crème formula. For stunning oil cared colours with up to 30% more care and gorgeous colour richness that stays visibly rich and intense for long and hair full of shimmering shine.

The rich after-treatment with 7 -oils serum contains over a million oil droplets, is specially developed to maximize care effect and leaves the hair beautifully soft, easy to detangle and supple to touch.

A better cared hair helps to give intensive colour result and glowing shine. Caring formula of palette deluxe with highly effective colour pigments for perfect grey coverage.

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