Neuskin Antioxidant 30+ Youth Reviving Cream-Gel 50ml

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You’d be pleased... We do not test on animals We are free from: paraben, mineral oil, artificial dyes, animal derivatives. Formulated by skin loving experts from south korea.

Results -Reduced appearance of wrinkles- -Elastic and perfectly hydrated skin- -Skin becomes smoother and softer- -Resilient skin against daily modern stressors-

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Trust us, we know that you need:

Skincare targeted at the specific problems from age 30 onwards.

Restore and protect fresh and youthful skin.

Skin soothing before and after an active or stressful day.

Everyday skincare that feels pleasant- thanks to its light hydrogel texture!

Your skin needs propercare! The secret to beautiful complexion is preventive skin care. Antioxidant youth reving cream-gel 30+ improves skin elasticity which declines as you age and protects against modern lifestyle and damaging free radicals. Used regularly, the hydro-lipid barrier of the skin will be strengthened, skin will become brighter, supple and smooth.

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