Neuskin Antioxidant 30+ Youth Restoring Spot Clear Cream 50ml

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You’d be pleased.. We are free from: paraben, mineral oil, artificial dyes & animal derivatives. We do not test on animals. Formulated by skin loving experts from south korea.

Results: -Dark pigmentations appear lighter- -Skin tone becomes even- -Smooth and moisturized skin- -Reduced appearance of wrinkles-

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Trust us, we know that you need:

Skincare targeted at the specific problems from age 30 onwards.

Combination of natural and effective ingredients which targets irritated dry, sensitive skin

An all in one reliable spot treatment you can rely on.

Skin soothing before and after an active or stressful day.

Rich, gentle cream that feels wonderful to dry and sensitive skin.

Your skin needs proper care! The secret to beautiful complexion is preventive skin care. Antioxidant youth restoring spot clear cream 30+ helps to soothe troubled spots that are often caused by stressful modern daily lifestyle. Provides intensive moisture and lightens dull skin, restoring a youthful radiance.

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