My Beauty Diary Mask 8s Damask Rose

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  • Intense Moisturizing, whitening and smoothing
  • Pack of 8 Sheets
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Functions: Intense Moisturizing, whitening and smoothing

My Beauty Diary Damask Rose Mask combines kiwi fruit extracts, aloe, seaweed, cucumber, and plant collagen to cleanse, hydrate, brighten and enhance your complexion with a blooming visage, just like a newly opened rose. Lightweight fiber mask adjusts to your facial contours and promotes maximum absorption of nourishing ingredients. Free from parabens, alcohol, and fluorescent whitening ingredients.

Effective Moisturization.
Quality damask rosewater is easily absorbed into the skin to effectively replenish moisture. Together with botanical extracts such as Aloe vera and Laminaria digitata, skin's texture is relieved from dryness and unevenness while restoring it to a well moisturized and supple feel.
Refined Brightening.
Arnica Montana extract helps the skin defend against environmental irritants while soothing the skin, in turn preventing pigmentation. Extracts from cucumber, kiwi, and pineapple contribute towards removal of dead skin cells to reveal a softened, brightened and moisturized complexion.

Recommended skin types: Normal skin type, rough and dull skin as well as very dry skin


Ultra silky hydrating fabric
This ultra-silky hydrating fabric is made with Tencel fabric woven with Spunlace to create an ultra-thin structure that holds water and maximum essential fluids. It allows the skin to absorb essences from the mask and enhances nourishment for a refined skin tone. This product is free of chemical adhesives and is biodegradable. It is non-irritating on the skin and is environmentally friendly.

Double-acting hydrating ingredients CosphingoTM x AquaroadTM for improved skin water replenishment

My Beauty Diary products contain CosphingoTM x AquaroadTMthe perfect combination for continuous hydration and delivering effective premium water replenishing factors. Water molecules saturate rough and dry skin to restore moisture from the inside while ensuring that the deep layer of the skin maintains nourishment. It helps restore, retain, and lock-in water, allowing the skin to appear soft and healthy.

Advanced safe product 
The series of products does not contain paraben preservatives, alcohol, mineral oils, pigments or fluorescent agents.

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