Mii Naturalnie Mask Blue Rose 17g

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softening, moisturizing, soothing

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Moisturizing lavender sheet mask - Naturalnie Face Mask, will appear in your beauty diet if you need to eliminate dryness and discomfort, irritation and redness caused by external factors. The cosmetic mask will provide gentle care with a mild aromatherapy effect. The main ingredients of the formula are chamomile extract and lavender hydrolate. 

Features of Naturalnie Face Mask:

- a beauty product created with care for the environment;
- natural, high quality cosmetic product;
- the main component of the formula is lavender hydrolate;
- the essence contains a complex of herbal ingredients;
- intensively and deeply moisturizes the skin;
- normalizes the level of moisture in the cells of the epidermis;
- thanks to chamomile extract, it provides anti-inflammatory effect;
- eliminates irritation, redness, discomfort;
- makes the skin smooth and silky;
- aromatherapy effect;
- subtle relaxing lavender scent;
- a sufficient amount of cosmetic essence;
- comfortable, soft, pleasant to the touch fabric base;
- the duration of the beauty procedure is up to 15 minutes.

Mode of application

Apply the mask to a slightly moistened face with warm water and leave for 10-15 minutes, rinse.

*Due to packaging redesign and improvements, these may not reflect exactly the product you receive*

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