MamyPoko Extra Soft Jumbo Tape Diaper Small 80S (1Carton=3pack)

S$ 55.50
  • Breathable cover
  • stripes pad sheets
  • Super Absorbency
  • Natural Breathable Cotton-Like Cover
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Mother's Care with Extra Loving Protection 

Baby needs to sleep well to grow healthy and happy. MamyPoko, now with Stripes Pad sheet quickly absorbs and locks urine in for a much faster supreme dryness. Extra care for extra comfort, its Breathable Cover releases heat and moisture to avoid dampness and protect baby’s skin from irritation and rashes. 
Stripes Pad Sheets 
MamyPoko, now with textured Stripes Pad sheet quickly absorbs for faster extra drying protection. 
Speedy dryness for extra comfort, keeping baby happy and dry the whole day through. 
Superior Absorbency 
Enables longer usage and protection from leakage. 
Natural Cotton-like Breathable Cover 
Releases heat and moisture to reduce rashes.
Size: Small 3-8kg
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