Lux Luminique Balance Moist Repair Shampoo 480g

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1 total beauty care conception of hair and mind. *1 Feeling Comfortable
For bumpy, untangled hair. For high quality silky hair
Formulated with moongrass oil *2 *2 Gypsophila Seed Extract: Moisturizing Ingredients
3 lotus flower extract and 4 jasmine extracts. *3 moisturizing ingredients, *4 sokei flower extract: moisturizing ingredients
Waterlily and Jasmine scent

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Proposal a habit of deep breathing shampoo
1 total beauty care idea for hair and mind.

*1 Feeling Comfortable

moist repair
For bumpy, untangled hair

For high quality glossy hair.

Moonami Oil x 2, Formulated Formula
Formulated with a concentrated oil extracted from the seeds of the moon primer.

Moisturizes hair and provides intensive care for damage.

*2 Grass seed extract: moisturizing ingredients

3 x proprietary micro-oil technology
Micro-sized oil containing 4 repair ingredients selectively adhere to the damaged area, for intensive repairs.

*3 Treatment Only

*4 (Dimethiconol/Silseskioxane) copolymer

Formulated with carefully selected hair care ingredients.
Moisturizing ingredients derived from two types of flowers: lotus flower extract, jasmine extract (sokei flower extract).

Soothing and Lily and Jasmine Scent
Elegant water lily and jasmine scent.

Let your heart and melt you want to breathe deep.

*Due to packaging redesign and improvements, these may not reflect exactly the product you receive*

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