Klorane Conditioner 200ml Strength Thinning Hair Loss

S$ 15.90

Helps to strengthen - Detangles - Revitalizes

The instant hair care routine to detangle and strengthen hair.

Natural formula
Detangling, strengthening, stimulating.

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While detangling is an essential step in achieving beautiful hair, tired hair tends to break under repeated brushing. For weakened hair or to complement anti-hair loss treatments, this conditioner makes detangling easier while strengthening hair to limit breakage linked to brushing. Revitalised, the hair is easier to style and its structure is strengthened.

What you'll love
Our Conditioner can be applied to the hair lengths as well as the scalp for an invigorating effect all over the hair. Using the benefits of Quinine extract, hair regains its energy, softness and suppleness.

• Detangles : left on for 2-3 minutes, the creamy formula contains a styling agent that allows for easy detangling after rinsing.• Energises : our conditioner with Quinine revitalises hair and helps restore life and shine.• Strengthens : by fortifying the hair structure and fibre lacking in vitality, the conditioner restores strength to the hair, making it more resistant to damage.

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