Huggies Silver Pants XX-Large 34S (1Carton=3pack)

S$ 39.90
  • Huggies Silver Pants (Originally Huggies Total Protection Pants)
  • 360° Comfort Fit
  • Quick Dry Layer (Blue Layer)
  • 100% Breathable Outer Cover
  • Super Absorbent Core
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New! Huggies Silver Pants (originally Huggies Total Protection Pants) offers affordability for everyday use. They are perfect for active babies or toddlers that refuse to lie down whilst changing. Everyday change time is now easy and comfortable for baby with Huggies Silver Pants. Your active baby need only to step into the pants and you can slide them up. Say hi to easier, faster and more affordable diaper changes!

360° Comfort Fit
Helps your baby's skin stay comfortable & dry with all-around soft, stretchable and breathable waistband. Huggies Silver Pants helps prevent red marks when your baby is most active by providing a snug comforatble fit.
Quick Dry Layer (Blue Layer)
Draws fluid away from your baby's skin helping to keep their skin comfortable.
100% Breathable Outer Cover
Allows air to escape up to 10x faster* so your baby skin stays dry (*vs Non-breathable covers) through outer cover to help your baby's skin stay dry and helps to prevent diaper rash.
Super Absorbent Core
Locks fluid away to help keep your baby's skin dry and healthy.

The Huggies Silver Pants Sizes

Sizes Weight Range Pack Details
M 6-12 Kg (13-26 lbs) 64
L 9-14 Kg (20-30 lbs) 48
XL 12-17 Kg (26-37 lbs) 40
XXL 15-25 Kg (33-55 lbs) 34

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