Ginvera Green Tea White Marvel Gel 60ml

S$ 7.85

helps to soften & reduce dead skin

helps rub away blackheads painlessly

helps refine skin (as dead skin have been cleared from pores)

helps lighten black spots, freckles & scars

helps remove oil seeds

helps regulate sebum secretion to help prevent pimples

brightens dull complexion

helps change dark, rough skin to smooth skin

helps whiten skin as it gives way to new born skin

enhances quick absorption of skin care products.

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Enriched with soybean extract for effective whitening

dead skin is the main culprit of all skin problems. Removing dead skin is the first step towards beauty.

our skin produces new skin cells to replace aging & dead skin cells everyday. if they are not removed on a daily basis, they will build up on the surface of the skin and lead to clogged pores, result in all kinds of skin problems. ginvera green tea whitening marvel gel reaches deep into the coornified layer of the skin to help remove dead skin that clog pores, cause and support blackheads, thus helping to prevent the formation of blackheads which can lead to pimples. it also improves the absorption of skincare products and regulates oil secretion to help prevent pimples. 

the removal of dead skin will stimulate the growth of new skin, thus unveiling the natural fairness and radiance of skin within.

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