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Find the solution to all your cleaning and maintenance needs right here at Venus Beauty.
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    All About Home Compact Umbrella (Assorted Colour)


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A Massive Range Of Quality Household Cleaning Products

Find the solution to all your cleaning and maintenance needs right here at Venus Beauty. Our online shop is brimming with all the must-have products for household maintenance, making the shopping and browsing experience, quicker and easier. No more stressful trips to the shops, check out all the information and details of each product from the ease of your computer or phone.

Keep your home safe and smelling fresh with a huge range of household cleaning products. We supply a huge range of cleaning agents, laundry products, air fresheners, pest control and general cleaning tools including cloths and towels. With such an extensive supply, you’ll be able to purchase everything all in the one shop.

Great online deals for Singapore customers

Looking for a great price on bulk products for cleaning? We have a huge selection of great brand detergents with a huge range of scents. Pick your favourite smell and get your clothes smelling and feeling great.

Aside air fresheners, detergents and cleaning agents, we also sell great products for at-home, easy pest control. Whether you’re looking for a mosquito repellent for the occasional outdoor event at your home, or need a plug-in repellent for getting rid of those nasty bugs every day, we’ll give you a great deal on our stock.

For all your everyday household cleaning and maintenance, check out Venus Beauty’s range today! Order all your products online and save time and money.

Venus Beauty takes pride in stocking some of the best brands in beauty, skincare, haircare and household cleaning. We are specialists in top to bottom care and offer competitive pricing on all our products. Check out our amazing products supply today and get a great deal.

For all questions, make sure to fill out an enquiry form on our contacts page. We are happy to help you any way we can.