Dove Deodorant Spray 150ml Cucumber & Green Tea Scent

S$ 3.50
For an extra dose of freshness,
apply your antiperspirant deodorant before bed as well as in the morning – why? Well, at night, your body temperature is cooler, so you sweat less. 
By applying your Dove Go Fresh before you go to bed, the formula has a better chance of sinking into your underarm skin, leaving you ready to face the day ahead.
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• Gives 48-hours of confidence boosting antiperspirant protection

• Contains our unique ¼ moisturising cream

• Cares for underarm skin like never before

• Helps delicate skin recover from irritation caused by shaving

• Fantastically fresh green tea and cucumber scent
Cool, crisp and clean, the new and improved Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea Anti-Perspirant Deodorant delivers from the very first spray. With 48-hours of effective protection against wetness and odour, you’ll stay refreshed and protected for as long as you need. 

Created with 0% alcohol and our signature ¼ moisturising cream, we’ve made sure Dove antiperspirants go beyond just keeping you dry – because like most of the best antiperspirant formulas, it cares for your delicate underarm skin too. It helps to reduce the irritation caused by shaving, leaving your underarm skin smooth and soft.Start your day with a reliable burst of protection and the uplifting scent of cucumber and soothing green tea with Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea Anti-Perspirant Deodorant.
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