Dove Bodywash 1L Gentle Exfoliating Nutrium Moisture

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Dove with Nutrium Moisture Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash contains gentle exfoliating beads for daily skin renewal, giving you smooth, moisturised skin.

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Dove Body Wash with Nutrium Moisture Experience the difference of New Body Wash with Nutrium Moisture.

Its ultra mild cleansers are designed to wash away dirt ad oil, not your skin's natural moisture.

Dove® Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash With Nutrium Moisture® combines gentle exfoliating beads with 100% skin natural moisturizers to smooth away dry skin.

Breakthrough Nutrium Moisture® technology absorbs completely to nourish deep down.

Plus, an improved formula provides our proven best care: our mildest cleansers ever, a rich lather and a clean rinse.

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