Darlie Toothpaste All Shiny White Foamy Baking Soda 140g

S$ 2.20

Clinically Proven

SWA Particles

Food Grade Baking Soda

Added Cold-pressed Coconut Oil

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Besides looking after your skin, keeping your teeth healthy is also important. All Shiny White formula toothpaste contains a high concentration of SWA advanced whitening factors that gently smooth uneven surfaces and help remove stain build-up. Protect your teeth and remove stains with gentle enamel care.

Bright and Shiny Teeth Make You Stand out
Color lipsticks look fabulous but could make your teeth look yellow. Instead of hiding them, start by improving oral health! Enjoy brilliant whiter teeth no matter what trendy lipstick you wear.

Enjoy Food Without Fear of Stain Build-up
Gently smooth tooth surface with gentle whitening power so you can enjoy food more

All Shiny White Toothpaste helps to remove stain build-up on tooth surface. Clinically proven to result in brighter teeth in 14 days when used daily during the morning and evening

Different Ingredients
for Your Different Needs
Combined with nature-inspired essence for an even more confident smile

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