Bio Essence Bio-Renew Radiant Youth Facial Oil 40ml

S$ 27.90
  • infused with bio energy complex to enhance the delivery of nutrients for optimal skin nourishment
  • preservative-free, formulated from pure green tea essence that provides anti oxidant protection to slow down skin ageing
  • deeply nourishes skin to help prevent dryness and formulation of wrinkles
  • skin becomes supple and velverty-soft to the touch
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active skin renewal helps to defy signs of ageing and is crucial in achieving healthy and youthful looking skin.

a non greasy formulation, bio-renew radiant youth facial oil is so lightweight that it is easy to be spread and rapidly absorbed by the skin. made from highly concentrated essence that has been extracted from green tea and infused with bio energy complex, it helps to protect skin against external aggressors and ensure deep nourishment for the skin.

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