Bielenda Green Tea 3 in 1 Hydrolate 200ml

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The HYDROLATE (DISTILLATE) smoothly gives the process of cleansing and refreshing the skin a final touch, restoring comfort and balance.

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Basic active ingredient of the distillate is HYDROLATE formed by the distillation of fresh LEAF GREEN TEA with water vapour. It contains valuable water soluble plant substances. The hydrolate has invaluable conditioning properties. It is non-alcoholic and delicate and yet has a pH close to the natural pH of the skin. This is the perfect way to refresh the epidermis while minimizing the risk of irritation. Enriching the formula with TEA TREE OIL, sebum-secretion regulating potassium azeloyl diglycinate and ANTI-OXY and ANTI-POLLUTION complexs improves the care quality of the product, provides the skin with important and easily absorbed minerals and improves its condition. Apart from the nourishing and conditioning function, the product is a kind of "shield" against air pollution and negative impact of the environment. Thanks to the BIOPOLYMER content, it significantly reduces the penetration of the suspended PM 2,5 substances into the epidermis and limits their destructive effect. This helps keep the skin in good condition, strengthens the epidermis and slows the ageing process.

Acts as tonic, slightly astrictive antioxidant and soothing agent, removes excess sebum, gives the skin softness and feeling of comfort. Distillate narrows the pores, moisturises and brightens.

Usage Application: Moisten a cotton swab, clean the skin. Use every morning and evening or as a refreshing treatment throughout the day. Does not require rubbing or washing off.

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