Ardell Extension FX L-Curl Lift & Define

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Cancel your lash salon appointment and start using Ardell's Extension FX Lash in L-Curl. Specially made for monolid and hooded eyes. We elimiated the trail and and error in picking a perfect lash. Designed to accentuate the unique shape of your eyes making them more lifted and defined. Not too dramatic but takes your beauty game to the next level. Great for day-to-day wear and recommended if you need a lil' bit of oomph for the day!

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L-Curl, Lift and Define Effect: Stop wasting time finding the right faux lashes for your monolid and hooded eyes! Not only are these strip lashes salon-inspired and extension-like. Our falsies also are made to accentuate the unique shape of your peepers. Fashioned to create a more lifted and defined eye look without appearing fake and stiff.

Ultra-Lightweight Fibers: Made with extra airy and feathery materials for more comfortable longer-wear falsies. Each fiber is carefully trimmed for finer and thinner tips making them real. They blend seamlessly into your natural lashes. You’ll leave everyone talking about your stunning lashes! Get that natural look and feel your eyes deserve!

Knot-Free, Invisiband: Get all fired up by pumping up those lovely eyes and let Ardell's experts do the finishing! Each strand is carefully crafted in a knot-free and clear band making a smooth seam between your lids and natural hairs. Leave it as it is if you’re going for a minimal but stunning look or draw a thin black eyeliner for a more defined and bolder nighttime makeup. Either way - you get all eyes on you!

Wear Lashes Like a Pro: This lash collection is made to replicate pro-made lash extensions but in a more convenient and simple style. Wear just like your regular strips, easily available and can be worn anytime or anywhere you need to! Perfect for both new and frequent lash users who do not want to spend too much time and money on frequent salon visits. Salon-like lashes at a lower cost!

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