Ardell Extension FX B-Curl Eye-Opening Effect

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Choose the best lashes for your deep-set or almond eyes with Ardell’s Extension FX in B-Curl. This lash collection takes the guesswork out of your prep time so you can choose the style quickly and enjoy your special day.Specially made to create brighter and bolder eyes without overpowering your peepers’ natural prettiness. Creats a more open and pop look that is sure to wow! Step up your look to the next level with Ardell!

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B-Curl, Bold and Vibrant Eyes: Let your lashes do the talking! Nail a braver and more open lash style for your deep-set or almond eyes and you’d never want to go bare again. Accentuates your eyes perfectly so they won’t look tired or dozy. These faux lashes are designed with a flirty flared style that fans out on the outer corners creating an enchanting and cushy flutter. Gives you that right amount of drama without going too far.

Lightweight Faux Lashes: Expertly crafted with high-quality and ultra-lightweight materials, you get that comfortable style even for extended hours. Each strand is tapered beautifully with finer and thinner tips adding a more natural feel and look. You’ll almost forget you’re wearing false lashes! Ideal for daytime make-up but also perfect for a date night. Just finish off with some black eyeliner and you’re good to go!

Knot-Free, Invisiband: Fave faux lashes always come with excellent bands. Each strip is tailored with a quality clear band delivering a clean and uncluttered lash line. You won’t have trouble hiding them especially if you’re leaving the eyeliner behind and going for a ‘lashes but better’ look. Secures a reliable hold while staying flexible and comfy all throughout.

Time and Money Saver: Made with re-creating professional lashes in mind. This lash collection is greatly inspired by salon-made extensions making them look more done by a pro. Takes no effort to apply, is easily available, and can be worn anytime you’re in the mood for a new eye look! No need for appointments and definitely will save you more bucks!

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