Venus Auspicious Lion Dance Red Packets 6s

S$ 3.90

Venus Beauty's Nian Nian You Yu Red Packets !

Hope you will Surplus year-after-year !

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Let's up your game by saying these greetings during your CNY visit !


1. 年年有余 (Surplus year-after-year)

2. 心想事成 (May all your wishes come true)

3. 精灵活泼 (A bright and lively spirit (especially used for children under the age of 10, wishing them to be active and smart)

4. 财源广进 (Money and treasures will be plentiful)

5. 万事如意,合家平安 (Wishing you and yours a happy happy New Year)

*Colour may vary due to different monitor. You may also check it out at all our venus beauty outlets.

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