St.Ives Bright & Radiant Facial Cleanser 105g Pink Lemon & Peach

S$ 5.50
  • Made with 100% natural extract
  • bright & radiant
  • pink lemon & peach
  • cleanses away dullness for glowing radiant skin
  • paraben free
  • ph neutral
  • dermatologist tested
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Glow away, dull skin

rinse away dullness with this creamed facial cleanser made with 100% natural extracts that fluffs up into a delightful lather and foam to deeply cleanse while nourishing your skin, you'll be positively glowing with brighter radiant skin!

Why we love pink lemon & peach:

yes, pink lemon are totally real! pink on the inside and greenish-yellow on the outside. extracts from this vibrant zingy fruit are famous for leaving skin brighter. loaded with antioxidants and vitamin c. juicy peaches are superfood for healthy glowing skin.

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