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Shiseido Perfect Whip for Body 500ml Fresh Aroma Bouquet

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Fresh aroma

Washes and moisturize smoothly while protecting moisture

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 Dense bubbles of perfect whip into luxurious body soap
 Dense bubbles and aroma of fresh aroma give blissful bath time
Wrap your skin with elastic dense moist bubbles, wash and moisturize smoothly while protecting moisture

how to use

Fix the cap by hand and turn the nozzle to the left to raise the head. (If you do not get up, please refrain the cap and turn it again.)  
Next, please press the head several times until content appears.  
Take an appropriate amount in hot towel or sponge, wash well after washing well, then rinse thoroughly.
Usage notes
Please rinse immediately when it gets in your eyes.   
In rare cases, the contents solidify at the tip of the nozzle, so solid or liquid may jump out when pressed strongly, so close the towel and sponge as you cover the tip of the nozzle.   
If the pump does not move smoothly, please purchase a new body.   
Please keep it out of reach of children.   
Be sure to use "Perfect Whip For Body Fresh Aroma Bouquet Refill" for refilling.   
Please do not store in extremely hot or cold places or direct sunlight. Although extremely low temperature may cause the pump to become heavy, there is no problem in quality. When returning to normal temperature, it returns to the original.

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