Shiseido Ma Cherie Body Shampoo 600ml

S$ 14.50
  • Helps to remove excessive sebum and impurities from pores
  • Leaving your skin texture silky and soft
  • Fruity-floral and soothing fragrance
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For Translucent, Fresh and Silky Smooth Skin!

The three actions that gives you translucent and moisturized skin:
Keratin Clearance: Keratin removing ingredients helps to gently remove old keratin and impurities that re clogged in pores.
Moisture Replenishment: Plant-based moisturizing ingredients penetrates deep into the stratum corneum to give dewiness and moisture to the skin.
Firming: Formulated with plant-based firming ingredients that leaves your skin feeling firmed and toned.
Mild scrub and sebum absorbing powder work that helps to thoroughly remove excessive sebum and impurities from pores.
  • Creamy lather gently envelopes skin leaving it soft and moisturized
  • Light scent of a fruit-floral and soothing fragrance

Firmly hold the base of the cap (A), and turn the nozzle (B) to the left for pump head to pop up. If it does not pop up, rotate the cap to close it properly before trying again. For first time usage, push the pum until soap is dispensed.
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