Senscience True Hue Violet Shampoo 1000ml Sulphate Free

S$ 26.90

for toning blonde or gray hair

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Specially formulated with Violet Dyes to neutralize the brassy and yellow tones that can dull the vibrancy and coolness of gray, white and pale blonde hair. Vitamins A, C & E, Wheat Protein and Milk Thistle Extract help nourish and protect hair against environmental stress, reducing styling breakage by over 47% after only one use.* Proven to increase shine by more than 27%.**

This gentle, sulfate-free violet shampoo is proven to significantly reduce brassy and yellow tones after just one use.

This violet conditioner moisturizes while delivering a high level of violet dye to cancel yellow/brassy tones. Improves manageability and elasticity, leaving hair soft, glossy and vibrant. Increases shine by over 27%.***

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