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S-26 Gold Progress 3 Milk Powder 1.8kg Box (1Years Old+)

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More DHA 

More Choline

More Lutein

Added Oligofructose

Alpha Protein

Early childhood (first 3 years of life) is a crucial time for toddler's growth and development. During this period, the learning process such as basic ways of thinking, responding and solving problems are established. You will notice your toddler's ability to walk then run, express himself and use imagination as he uses his eyes, brain and body to actively learn from the the environment. S-26 Gold progress formulated milk powder for children is scientifically formulated with the s-26 nutrilearn system that provides important nutrition for your toddler's multiple areas of development.

Manufacture by 

Wyeth Nutritionals (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

No.1 Tuas South Avenue 5 Singapore 637609

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