Revuele Green Mask Relaxing Cryo Face Mask 80ml

S$ 19.90


anti- acne action

matt effect

reduces blackheads

refresh & radiance

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green mask

relacing cryo face mask

anti-acne & matt effect

discover the secret of transformation with the magic of the green mask ! This deep cleansing agent will give your skin elegance, beauty, unrivaled softness and natural radiance. Hydrated, nurtured, shining with natural energy, your skin will become elastic and toned. The green clay in the mask contributes to the deep cleansing, the narrowing of the pores and the sebum reduction. the zine oxide improves the condition of the skin and activates the regeneration of its cells. the bisabolol smooths the surface of the skin and evens out the complexion. cryocomplex based on menthol instantly tightens the skins and tones the skin. the relaxing properties of the lavender oil will immerse you into the world of spa. Your skin will be rested and glowing.

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