Revuele Black Mask Instant Action Face Mask 80ml

S$ 19.90

10 Min

Detox and radiance

Instant action face mask 


activated charcoal, biolin

Express action

reduces pores

deep purification

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Black mask instant action detox and radiance

the secret of the black mask the easy, deep cleansing of the skin. The merit of the product consists in the fast and efficient action. The magic properties of the activated charcoal make the mask an excellent cleaning product. The microparticles of the activated charcoal extract the accumulated harmful impurities various pollutant and toxins like a magnet he activated charcoal actively regenerate the cells and regulates the sebum of the skin. It helps to maintain the oxygen balance of the skin, narrowing the pores and reducing the acne. The biolin helps to significantly improve the condition of the skin and is the source of the skin's natural radiance. The niacinamide smooths and vitalises the face. As a result of the black express mask procedure you can achieve a beautiful, shining and clean skin, fresh and elastic.

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