Pampers (JP) Baby-Dry Diapers Medium 64s (1Carton=4pack)

S$ 78.00

Every morning, super mischievous magic!




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Outstanding absorbing power It is
the latest technology of only Pampers, it is hard to leak even if it is thin!

Even if it is light, it will not cause a leak !

Compared with the old product, the thickness of the product before use was about 10% thinner.

Three magic absorbers. Dispensed as soon as you disperse your urine. It keeps breathability and it lasts up to 12 hours.


protect baby's ass from stuffiness

Cotton sheet. Relaxing mure, your baby's skin is comfortable.(The cotton sheet is a skin- like sheet like cotton, cotton is not included)



Fit fit your baby's movements

Stretching stretch. Adopting stretching twice as long as before stretching.




6 - 11kg


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