Palmer's Cocoa Butter Scar Serum 30ml

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Reduces the appearance of scars and marks.

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Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Vitamin E Scar Serum combines five powerful ingredients to reduce the appearance of scars resulting from surgery, injury, burns, stretch marks, C-sections, cuts, scrapes and insect bites.

  • COCOA BUTTER - A superior moisturizer known to soften the appearance of marks and scars
  • VITAMIN E - A powerful antioxidant (24,000 IU's)
  • SAFFLOWER OIL - Naturally high in Vitamin E. It enhances the skin's moisture barrier
  • SILICONE - Smoothes and softens the appearance of scars
  • ALLIUM CEPA - Helps smooth the appearance of the scar matrix

This concentrated serum penetrates quickly while forming a moisture proof barrier.

Directions: Apply 3 - 4 times daily to affected area(s). Massage in.

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