Moist Diane Shampoo 450ml Extra Vital

S$ 13.50

Organic Oil x Vitalizing Keratin

Superios combination of scalp revitalizing properties and organic oil

vitalizing keratin restores damaged hair and nourishes scalp

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Sensor technology allows nanocapsule to penetrate deep into the layers of hair !

Moist Daine unique nano repair matrix formula is a combination of nano-sized organic argan oil and numerous beauty keratin. our sensor technology is designed to deliver nourishing ingredients instantly to damaged areas and restore hair structure.

Revitalizes and strengthens damaged hair!

Nano repair matrix strengthens, repairs and restores seriously damaged hair with its exquisite blend to promote beautiful, glowing hair.

The more you blow dry, the stronger your hair gets.

moist diane counteracts the damage caused by blow dryers. nano repair el. does not penetrate to the inner layers of hair when wet. the hair only reacts with heat from hair dryers, floating irons and curling irons. Feel your hair instantly boost resilience, elasticity and radiance as it binds and rebuilds weakened areas.

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