Mamypoko Japan Pants Medium 58s Boys & Girls (1Carton=3pack)

S$ 46.20

Medium - 58s

1 Carton = 3 packs (174s)

6- 12 kg

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1. Easy absorption of pee for up to 12 hours ! ※

12 hour absorption

Because "a plentiful absorbent body"
equipped with Uni-Charm's unique high-absorbent polymer,
it is safe to relax for a long time ♪

There are individual differences in baby 's piss amount.


2. Industry's best class 
absorption power!


3.Super absorbent polymer that absorbs 30 to 40 times * water catches 


※ We absorb water 30 ~ 40 times the weight of the polymer.

Even if pressure is applied to the superabsorbent polymer, it does not escape water. So, babies are always in a good mood ♪

1. New technology

up to 12 hours * Absorbing gel absorber

A new absorbing body. 
Pull in plenty of repeated urine and absorb quickly!

There are individual differences in baby 's piss amount.

2. New technology

Becoming bigger More sudarely secure shape

Because I raise it firmly up to the navel, even if moving a lot, I feel relieved!

3. Soft waist

"Soft waist" adopted, softness to fit around your stomach!

4. Fit tight!

Patented technology "support gather" ※ equipped with "firmly fit structure" fit body fit for a gap peace of mind ♪

* The structure in which support gathers at the base of two gathers around the legs are joined crossing the waist gather

5.  Soft all surface air permeable sheet

Quickly escape moist air, your child's comfort is comfortable ♪

6. Newly adoptedpee sign

When we do pee, the line changes to bluish green, so it's easy to understand when to replace!

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