Mamypoko Japan Pants XX-Large 38s Boys & Girl (1Carton=3pack)

S$ 65.85

XXLarge - 38s

1 Carton = 3 packs (114s)

13 - 28 kg

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Up to 12 hours * 1 With absorption gel
Surely peace of mind
Up to 12 hours * 1 Uni · Charm's unique absorber which adopted absorption gel.
I take in plenty of urine plenty and absorb it quickly.

※ 1 There are individual differences in baby's piss amount.
The size of the diaper has grown! ※ 2
Because I raise it till firmly up to navel, even if moving a lot, relief is safe!


Stuck to absorption function
Long time no problem!
Because we take in plenty of repeated pee and absorb quickly, even if you are going out for a long time, it will be safe!

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