Lux Luminique Treatment 450g Volume Shine

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Luxurious creamy foam luxury smooth care, nonsilicon shampoo that leads to a bright and straight style of straightening. 
It keeps squeaks and leads to a state of smooth hair to the tip of hair.

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Even heart beauty awakens 

Content nut oil (hair protection ingredients) and almond oil (flexible components) of with two types of natural plant oil. 
To reduce friction and strained creamy froth, spa-like luxury care to your hair. 
A breathtaking gentle aromatic scent. 

(Please note) 
And whether there were anomalies in the scalp attention, please use. 
• Do not use the device to have scars, rashes and eczema. 
And redness. Swelling and itching and irritation, color, etc. (Vitiligo) or when problems such as blackheads, discontinue use and consult a skin doctor, etc.. Symptoms may worsen if you continue to use. 
-Into your eyes, rinse immediately. 
• Do not place within reach of small children. 
-Put this product in the room while using oil and gas fan heater, please do not type. Can cause failure of the fan heater. 
• Do not use where there is fire. 

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